Interview with Redouane Talai, parametrist

Interview with Redouane Talai,

Who is behind Cover group? We invite you to meet Redouane Talai, one of our parametrists. His career path, his experience within Cover group… he tells you everything!

Can you quickly introduce yourself?

My name is Redouane Talai, 33 years old and married. My job? I’m a parametrist at Cover group. My father and three of my uncles work in civil engineering and architecture. So I grew up in this field, which I find very lively.

Can you tell us more about your professional background?

I graduated as a steel construction engineer in June 2009 and started at Cover group as a trainee. After this internship, I was offered a full-time contract and I am still here after so many years.

I wanted to enter the workforce with a special job. So I needed a special company! I didn’t want to do the same thing as everyone else.

Hossam El Gorchi, a parametrist at Cover group, gave me the first interview and explained what the job was. It was something completely new to me, and I quickly realised that this was the special thing I was looking for. A great challenge!

What do I like best about Cover group? It’s a very dynamic company, human and attentive to both its clients and employees. I feel lucky to have joined the team which, for me, has become a family.

Can you explain your job as a parametrist?

I am a parametrist. It consists of encoding our clients’ catalogues on the Cover 3D software. Throughout my time at Cover, I have been able to set up several series. It’s a lot of time and concentration. You have to pay attention to every detail.

I like the daily challenge, the special requests that add spice to the setting. I also appreciate the responsiveness of the team at the development and technical levels, to propose solutions that move the company forward in the right direction.

Are there any qualities you need to have to do this job?

Except for technical qualities, you need to have a good sense of analysis and anticipation. But the best quality to have, and that everyone should have, is to love what you do.

3 words to describe Cover group

Dynamic, human and attentive.