Become a Cover 3D ambassador !

Become a Cover 3D ambassador!

Are you the perfect fit? Cover group is looking for dynamic and motivated sales representatives to distribute Cover 3D software in targeted territories in Europe, in exchange for financial compensation. We’ll tell you how and why you should try your luck.

Why become our ambassador?

We are a dynamic team, dedicated to providing the best 3D design and sales support tool for exterior joinery professionals. We offer you a unique opportunity to grow our user community together in Europe.

The benefits

  • You will get a free license of Cover 3D.
  • You will receive training on our software so that you know it inside out.
  • We will support you in your sales efforts.
  • You will receive financial compensation for each license you place with a customer.

How to become our ambassador?

Fill in the form at the bottom of the page.
We agree on a face-to-face or video conference meeting depending on your location.
Let's get started with the Cover 3D adventure!

Discover our solution


#1 Conceptualise your projects
Create your projects in 3D and add furniture, plants and other decorative objects to bring the simulation to life.


#2 Manage your projects and clients
Create client files and use a dashboard that will give you an overview of your different projects.


#3 Generate your sales documents
Cover 3D automatically calculates the selling price of the project, as well as your margin. You can then deliver your customised sales offer to your client via a Microsoft Word document and generate your purchase orders in a few clicks.


#4 Integrate your project on a photo
Nothing is easier to convince a customer than to show him visually what the extension of his house will look like. To do this, nothing could be easier than to integrate a photo into the software.


#5 Static and thermal option
Ensure structural stability and determine the thermal transmittance of your project directly in Cover 3D.


#6 SketchUp export option
Export your Cover 3D projects to SketchUp and enhance your client presentations.


#7 Generic Library
Cover 3D software comes with a generic parameterised library of basic habitat extension models.


#8 Custom Solutions
Need a custom solution? We create it for you.