Licences and subscriptions

Discover Cover 3D’s two licences

Cover group has been dedicated to the development and distribution of Cover 3D software for over twenty years. We offer two separate licences and various options.

Sales Licence Features Manufacture Licence
Integration with the Frame module
Integration with the Conservatories and Pergolas module
Project and client management
Design and customisation of objects
Glazing and panels catalogues
3D rendering
Photo integration
Tablet export
Quotation and price calculation
Customisation of assemblies
Production sheet
Output list
Sections and assembly drawings
Upon request Upon request
Sales Licence Available options Manufacture Licence
SketchUp export option
After-sales service option
Workshop management option
Machine control option
Static option
Thermal option
Upon request Upon request

Annual subscription

The subscription imposes an initial commitment of one year with quarterly renewal and is calculated according to the following elements:

The type of licence
The number of chosen modules and options
The number of users
The level of service required by the client

What is included in a Cover 3D sales licence?

  • Project and client management: create customer files and use a dashboard that will give you an overview of your various projects;
  • Object design and customisation: define your projects step by step, from the first profile to the finishing of textures and colours;
  • Glazing and panels catalogues: personalise your glazing and panels catalogues directly in Cover 3D so that you can integrate the fillings you use on a daily basis into your 3D constructions;
  • 3D rendering: create your projects in 3D and add furniture, plants and other decorative objects to bring the simulation to life. Thanks to the Sketchup object import function, a few clicks are enough to bring a little extra that will seduce your customers;
  • Photo integration: take photos on the future construction site, import them into the software and integrate with the project. Thanks to the 3D simulation, you can now show the project in its natural environment with shadows and reflections, enough to immerse your customer;
  • Tablet export: transfer, in a few clicks, your Cover project to your Android or iOS device (tablet or smartphone). Then communicate the access code to your client so that he can navigate around his project with his own device;
  • Quotation and price calculation: Cover automatically calculates the selling price of the project, but also your margin. Then give your customer your customisable sales offer via a word document and generate your purchase orders in a few clicks (attention, this requires a non-generic library).

(Photo by Xavier Foucrier via Unsplash)

What’s more in a Cover 3D manufacture licence?

(Photo by XPS via Unsplash)

  • Production sheet: manage your nomenclature directly in our software for easier production;
  • Output list: determine the list of bars to be cut, but also the layout of your project in 2D;
  • Sections and assembly drawings: generate technical cuts and assembly drawings using our tool;
  • Customisation of assemblies: manually determine the manufacturing specifications of your Cover 3D project before production begins.

Options & modules

  • After-sales service option: thanks to the after-sales service option, you can manage your business from now on until after the sale of your project;
  • Workshop management option: follow your projects in their manufacturing process and optimise your multi-project management;
  • Machine control option: once your plans and lists have been determined, send your projects to your cutting machines or machining machines;
  • Static option: guarantee the stability of the structure thanks to the powerful three-dimensional static calculator provided in Cover. You will be able to carry out a precise verification of your conservatory, all the results of the diagnosis are displayed directly in 3D;
  • Thermal option: thanks to a calculation method based on the European standards in force, Cover 3D determines the heat transmission coefficient Us for your project. Easily generate a detailed report guaranteeing the customer the performance of their work.
  • SketchUp export option: export your Cover 3D projects to SketchUp and take your customer presentations to the next level.

Frame Module

The frame module allows you to design frames, doors and windows.

Conservatories and Pergolas Module

The conservatories and pergolas module allows you to conceptualise simple and complicated projects, and to access the library of your gammists, partners of Cover group, and choose the best products to carry out your constructions.

Complete your subscription with the following services:

Our extra services to companies

Customised parameterization

The Cover 3D software requires one (or more) technical database(s) to be set up for optimal use. This contains all the raw materials (profiles, accessories, joints, hardware, fillings, etc.) and labour as well as all the “assembly” rules.

This parameterisation can be done by a software external (Xlib) to the application. It is possible for you to do this setting yourself (after a 5-day training course) or to entrust it to us in order to save time.

The parameter setting of your data will be carried out by specialists who have a perfect command of the joinery and the programme.

Depending on your needs, we can also create libraries (of frames, conservatories, etc.) to meet your requirements in order to provide the best possible support for your sales team or your dealers.

Specific developments

Does your business have a particular need that is not included among the many functionalities of Cover 3D software? Your company is specialised in an innovative field and you would like the support of your IT partner?

For more than twenty years, we have been listening and providing solutions to our customers who want to adapt the software specifically to their activity.

(Photo by Florian Olivo via Unsplash