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Cover is the only solution that allows you to design, sell and manufacture doors and windows in 3 dimensions


Fast Entry

+ All forms
+ Chassis Library
+ Free items

Quotation and price calculation

+ Matter and workforce
+ Optimizations
+ Price per XLS grids

Quotation and price calculation

+ Matter and workforce
+ Optimizations
+ Price per XLS grids

Quotation and price calculation

+ Matter and workforce
+ Optimizations
+ Price per XLS grids


Take your customer showroom and let your prospectus and other samples in the office. Cover allows you to present real-time all the wealth of your range and the secret of your expertise. 3D technology allows especially to explain the system to the customer, to propose a range of handles, making a choice of color or texture to visualize the opening mechanisms or simply to emphasize the aesthetic qualities of your profiles. Your estimates will spend more unnoticed and keep an imprint with your customers. Goodbye old drawings “dishes”! As you will discover, Cover has a neat user interface, purified and extremely graphic.

Click the image below for an overview of the possibilities of the fff frame editor …

Main Features

Thermal calculation

Automatic calculation of thermal transmittance Uw, solar factors in long summer and winter Sw and the light transmission Tl.
Determination of Uw means of a case.
Automatic calculation of Uf of each combination of profiles.

Static Control sleepers

Checking the inertia of the cross and baffles subject to wind.

Frame composition

The frame composition module allows companies specializing in more complex arrangements to build chassis composite structures, profiles, walls and fillings in a 3-dimensional environment.


Accurate calculation and visualization of all machining directly on carpentry. Set vector way all operations of each machining regardless of the final machining center. This will allow you to automate a production workshop whatever brands of machines used.

Corner window

The Cover frame editor manages the corner windows, fixed, sliding or accordion, 2 or more sides. This function is different from the frame composition as it is indeed a single three-dimensional construction.

Plans Editor

A powerful 2D editor lets you make great-shots, compositions or permits. All your cuts or views can be thus assembled and printed with a custom cartridge.

Items Library

Create libraries of related articles to your woodwork such as aerators, screens, shutters, controls, engines but also masonry, silicone tubes, etc …

Our solutions


  • Drawing all forms of chassis
  • Library
  • Quick quote
  • grid EXCEL
  • Sanding and kindling
  • Animation openings


  • Tool cuts
  • 2D Editor
  • alignment functions
  • technical documentation and synthesis of case
  • optimizations


  • multi-project optimization
  • Management of production lines
  • Labels
  • workshop Screens
  • driving machine
  • ERP links