• Cover models any type of pergola

    A canvas, Louvers, with or without frame.

Do not just sell a pergola as a simple article catalog !

Make your dream customers by immersing them in their future pergola sheltered from the sun …



+ Few clicks
+ Possible variants
+ Instant Price


+ On picture
+ House modeling
+ Rendered images


+ Quotation
+ Delivery notes
+ Cutting List


Find out how, from a single photo taken from the house and a few odds identified on site, it is possible to build a realistic three-dimensional environment ready for the future project of your customer.

Click the image below for an overview of the possibilities of the pergola editor.

Main Features

Combination veranda – pergola

It is possible to juxtapose a certain range of pergola veranda. These can be aluminum or wood.

Export tablet

Transfer with a few clicks the pergola to your iPad or Android tablet. Contact the access code to your customer so that he can himself on his own camera navigate around the project …