3 tips to boost your bioclimatic pergola sales

3 tips to boost your bioclimatic pergola sales

Make the most of your expertise and discover our 3 tips to increase your bioclimatic pergola sales in a very short time.

#1 Listen to your prospect

Now the buyer is ready to make a move. They have done a lot of research on the topic of extending their home by building a bioclimatic pergola. They walk through your door or contact you through one of your communication channels. The first thing to do when you meet a new prospect is simply to listen to him. But be careful: really listen!

It may seem obvious to you, but many salespeople still make the mistake of trying to sell a product that does not meet their prospect’s expectations. The prospect then leaves empty-handed and/or disappointed, and often decides to postpone his project until later… with someone else.

Therefore, focus on active listening: let your prospect speak and ask him good questions to identify his motivations and needs. You will then be able to provide them with a solution adapted to their context and problems. Thanks to this listening, your prospect will leave with the feeling of having been understood. A competitive advantage if they have already received several offers!

#2 Know your product inside out

A pergola is the perfect solution for extending a home and making it a comfortable space while still being indoors. Whether it’s a workspace or a relaxation area, in summer or winter, the buyer will be able to enjoy it as they please. But no two bioclimatic pergolas are alike.

Materials, floor space, finishes, glazing, etc. There are many factors that determine the price of such a project. You are the expert! You need to know the specifics of your product inside out to answer all your prospect’s questions. Not only about the price of the product, but also about all the technicalities, static and thermal, that it can represent.

With Cover 3D, you can perform static and thermal calculations* for any pergola you design with the software. You can then guarantee the stability of the structure thanks to our powerful three-dimensional static calculator and comply with the latest European standards in terms of heat. Useful for quickly answering your customers’ questions.

Let’s get to work!

*Static and thermal modules are additional options to your Cover 3D software. Please contact us for more information.

#3 Invite your prospect to plan ahead

Does your prospect have a very specific idea of what he would like to have built in a particular place in his house? No problem. But what do you do when they have doubts?

It’s not always easy to plan a large-scale project like building a bioclimatic pergola. Fortunately, there are tools to help you determine the details (such as colour, shape, etc.) and the perfect location for your home extension.

Cover 3D is a sales support software for professionals in the field of exterior joinery: conservatories, pergolas and other home extensions. Thanks to its 3D rendering engine and its photo integration module, you can visualise the construction directly on the desired site. Enough to satisfy the most recalcitrant prospects.