Cover 2.2: What are the new features?

A brand-new dashboard

The new dashboard has four diagrams showing statistics on the status and evolution of the projects:

  • The number of projects by status: cancelled, delivered, draft, ordered, pending, etc.;
  • The number of projects created per month;
  • The average time spent per project in the different status: cancelled, delivered, closed, draft, ordered, pending;
  • The list of pending projects, which are to be followed-up

Automatic reversal

With this feature, you’ll be able to: Watch the automatic reversal video tutorial

  • Reverse the opening direction of a single frame;
  • Or reverse the opening direction of the first frame and all the others will automatically change as well;
  • Or make a multiple selection and reverse the opening direction of only the frames you have selected.


You can now have several constructions in the same folder: Watch the multi-construction video tutorial

For example :

  • Build 2 verandas with the same specifications and documents;
  • Build a veranda and a pergola in the same backrest.

Favourite fillings

Define your favourite fillings in order to use them faster. With this new feature, you’ll be able to: Watch the favourite filling video tutorial

  • Select several fills from several libraries;
  • The favourites settings you define will be present in all your new projects;
  • Adapt your choices back by back;
  • Select one of your favourite fillings which will be applied by default to all the empty meshes of a roof, with one new button;
  • If more than one mesh is selected, horizontally and/or vertically, the selected filling will only be applied to the relevant meshes.