Cover group

Belgian company specialized in IT 3D Cover group dedicated exclusively to the development and distribution of the Cover software entirely dedicated to the world of exterior carpentry.

Cover group is constantly investing in research and each year offers new innovative tools in order to respond to regulations becoming stricter in terms of energy consumption, comfort and safety.

Cover group made the technical choice of 3D simulation: only path to realism and accuracy.

Cover group made the strategic choice of the woodwork at large. Indeed, Cover group supports its customers in their growth by providing pluridiciplinaire software. Cover of the customers to grow their businesses and approach other sectors of the woodwork without changing software.


Cover group

9, Rue des Sablières
7522 Blandain
Tel : + 32 (0) 69 360 860
Fax : + 32 (0) 69 777 861

Cover France

15 Boulevard Béranger
37000 Tours
Tel : + 33 (0) 2 47 61 16 92

Cover Maroc

Centre d’affaire Contempo
71 angle boulevard Mohamed V et rue Azilal
3rd Floor