• Cover : three-dimensional railing design tool

    Design, manufacturing and costing

Modeling railings, balustrades and fences

Cover has an array of technical and business tools facilitating railing study.



+ Drawing in space
+ Staircase – balcony – terrace
+ On photo


+ Quotes
+ Optimizations
+ Business Summary


+ Sheet manufacturing
+ Cutting list
+ Production Plan


It has never been easier to design a railing. Is around a swimming pool, balconies or along a staircase; arm yourself with the most comprehensive software in its class. Fully customizable, it will save you valuable time!

Click the image below for an overview of the possibilities of railing editor …

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Main Features

Creating plans

Automatic generation of technical views. A 2D editor allows you to edit each frame with text tools, lines and odds.

Photo Insert

The example against a synthetic image made on a terrace picture. Two railing proposals are presented: with glazing or railing.

Note the projection of the shadow of the railing on the wall of the house: This effect greatly enhances the realism of the image!



Design on balcony, terrace or staircase modeled freely.