• Cover : expert business software in pool cover

    Right, curved, up, down and telescopic

Equip yourself the best tool to sell and make your pool covers!

Take a picture and arrange your project are carefully observing the direction of light and perspective: the simulation will be perfect.
Change the color or show the open shelter; much argument allowing the customer to validate their choices.



+ Insert Photo
+ Computer image
+ Pool modeling


+ Fabrication documents
+ Cutting list
+ Driving machine

Tablet export

+ In few clicks
+ iPhone – iPad
+ Android – Blackberry


Cliquez sur l’image ci-dessous pour avoir un aperçu des possibilités de l’éditeur d’abri de Cover…

Main Features

Profiles curved and fillings

The bending information sections and fillings are indicated in the form of plans, length and developed length.

Geometric editor

Cover has a geometric bending editor allowing you to formulate precisely the shape of your curved sections.

Pool and pool house

A 3D modeler allows you to replicate the home environment of the shelter. Contrary to the picture on insertion, this way of working allows you to “walk” around the project …