Business services :

Setting  « turnkey »

Cover requires for optimal use one (or more) technical database to be set. It contains all the raw materials (profiles, accessories, gaskets, hardware, fillings, …) and labor as well as all rules of “assemblies”.

This setting can be done by external software (Xlib) to the application. You may make this setting yourself (following a 5-day) or we entrust to save time.

The setting of your data will be done by specialists familiar with good carpentry and program.

Depending on your needs, we can also build libraries (frames, porches, gates, …) to meet your requirements to guide the most of your sales team or your resellers.

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Specific developments

Your business has a special need that is not among the many features of Cover. Your company specializes in an innovative field and you want to support your IT partner. We are listening to you…

For almost 15 years, we listen and provide solutions to our customers wishing to obtain an adaptation of software specific to their business …

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Cover group created a network of approved trainers having human qualities and an assiduous knowledge of the software.

With 2016 around twenty employees, speaking between 1 and 5 languages including English, German, Dutch, French, Polish and Arabic, and moving in your offices for a maximum of 3 people in training same level.

Some prerequisites are necessary for the proper conduct of training (basic knowledge of Windows: what is a folder, file, copy, paste, … as well as equipment: operation of the mouse and keyboard ).

For French customers, a training agreement with registration number is published mentioning the course content, duration and financial arrangements relating thereto.